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All Day Fishing Charter

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So you have already been on a half day trip and are ready to Chase the BIG Ones.

8 Hour Fishing Trip

Trolling offshore for King Mackerel, BlackFin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Barracuda and Bonita.

Then spin off and go bottom fishing for Amberjack (Seasonal), Red Snapper (Seasonal), Amberine, Almaco Jacks, Vermilion & White Snapper.

There is plenty of time to do a combo with live bait trolling as well as bottom fishing….

10 Hour Fishing Trip

Provides more fishing time and a chance to get well offshore to the areas we don’t fish every day.

Best chance for the bigger fish such as Greater Amberjack (Seasonal), Big Red Snapper (Seasonal), Grouper, Scamp and Bull Mingos.

Offshore trolling for King Mackerel, BlackFin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and Bonita.

12 Hour Fishing Trip

Capt. Mike’s favorite trip during the spring and fall.

Water depths can range from 200′- 400′

Usually same areas as 10 hrs but 2 more hours of fishing time!

You never know what your going to catch on this trip!


8 to 12 Hour Fishing Trips are our most Popular Trips!

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“We want to catch Amberjacks and Groupers… but more Grouper than Amberjack.”
Reviewed September 21, 2015
My buddy told Capt. Mike, “We want to catch Amberjack and Grouper… but more Grouper than Amberjack.” They gave us exactly that!!! I’ve never been on a trip with more keeper Groupers. And the AJs gave us a nice whipping before loading the box. These guys are true professionals, and kept our lines in the water and fish below the boat. I would highly recommend this boat.

Justin C.


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